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The Road to Resilience: Recovery Perspectives from Joplin to Sandy Hook

Dr. CJ Huff, Former Superintendent of the Joplin, MO Schools and Michele Gay, Sandy Hook mother, share their unique post-tragedy perspectives as survivors of tragedy and loss. Exploring intersecting journeys and lessons learned, the two share how a common mission of safer schools and brighter futures brought them together to help schools and communities across the country.

Presenting Partner:  Raptor Technologies


Michele Gay CJ Huff
Safer Together Today and Tomorrow: A Comprehensive Approach to Supporting School Communities

Join this multidisciplinary panel and Q and A session with national leaders in health, school, and public safety as they discuss the challenges of ensuring safe and sound school communities through the pandemic and beyond. 


  • Lina Alathari, PhD, Chief, U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC)
  • Mo Canady, Executive Director, National Association of School Resource Officers
  • Melissa Brymer PsyD, PhD, Director, Terrorism & Disaster Program, UCLA/Duke University National Center for Child Traumatic Stress
  • Joshua Schaffzin, MD, Director, Infection Prevention & Control Program, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Presenting Partner:  dormakaba


Michele Gay
Leading the Way: Creating and Sustaining a Vision for School Safety

A safe environment does not happen overnight or without intentional planning, execution and follow up. This presentation guides participants in understanding the importance of creating a safety vision, discovering barriers to achieving this vision, and developing successful strategies to succeed. Participants will apply tactics discussed to their own environment. They will identify “next steps” and leave the session with action items to improve the safety environment they lead.


Brian Gard
The Power of Partnerships: A Case Study in Building Relationships for a Whole Community Approach

Law enforcement and school leaders from a model Bright Futures community share their journey, lessons learned, and practical takeaways that can be replicated in communities interested in establishing partnerships to promote a whole community approach to creating a culture of safety.

Moderated breakout session panel with Michele Gay

  • Sheriff Lenny Millholland, Sheriff, Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, VA
  • Ben Thompson, Assistant Director of Student Services, Frederick County Public Schools, VA
  • Nancy Mango, Bright Futures Coordinator, Frederick County Public Schools, VA
  • 1st Lt. Jason Cornwell, Frederick County Sheriff’s Department
  • Sgt. Travis Mitchell, Frederick County Sherriff’s Department


Michele Gay
Ensuring a Safe and Welcoming Environment: A Practical Approach to Safety & Security

Paul Timm and Mark Williams share a proactive and practical approach to ensuring safe and secure learning environments for students and educators. Using the agnostic guidance developed by the non-profit, Partner Alliance for Safe Schools (, the presenters outline a tiered approach to developing and building a balanced approach to safety and security.


Paul Timm Mark Williams
Saving Sycamore: How Connection and Compassion Saved Sycamore Middle School

Each of us has the power to make a difference, to stand in the gap, protect our communities, to save a life. School Counselor, Molly Hudgens, shares an incredible and deeply inspiring account that illustrates the life-saving power of connection and compassion – the story of how she talked a student out of committing a mass shooting and saved Sycamore Middle School.

Presenting Partner:  MSBA


Molly Hudgens
Crisis Within a Crisis: Youth Substance Abuse Prevention & Identification Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Officer Jermaine Galloway, known as “The Tall Cop,” shares his passion for protecting kids from substance abuse in this timely and eye-opening presentation.


Jermaine Galloway
Ensuring Bright Futures

It takes a leadership team to build safe schools and bright futures. Join this multidisciplinary team of leaders from Frederick County Public Schools, Virginia as they share the vision, strategy, people, and programs that work together to keep their students and teachers safe and sound.

Moderated Leadership Panel with Michele Gay, M Ed, Co-founder/Executive Director, Safe and Sound Schools


  • David Sovine, EdD, Superintendent, Frederick County Public Schools, VA
  • Teresa Ritenour, Director of Student Support Services, Frederick County Public Schools, VA
  • Sgt. Travis Mitchell, Sergeant, School Safety Division, Frederick County, Virginia, Sheriff’s Office
  • 1st Lt. Jason Cornwell, First Lieutenant, School Safety Division, Frederick County, Virginia, Sheriff’s Office

Presenting Partners:  Status Solutions


Michele Gay
Considering Safety for Special Populations

Considering and meeting the diverse safety needs of today’s students challenges the strongest school safety teams. Explore the perspectives and special safety considerations of student groups such as LGTBQ+, English Language Learners, newly immigrated, black, indiginous, and people of color in order to support a safe and inclusive school culture.

Presenting Partner:  SST


Todd Savage, PhD, NCSP
School Mental Health Professionals & Administrators: Intervening With Suicidal Students & Postvention in Schools

Today’s schools face unprecedented challenges in youth mental health and incidents of suicide. This session will explore lessons learned from the aftermath of numerous suicides to help school, community mental health, and administrative personnel increase their understanding of the most common factors in youth suicide and learn to:

  • Identify protective and resiliency factors for youth and identify key myths about suicide. 
  • Utilize a comprehensive model for suicide prevention, intervention and postvention.
  • Identify the relationship between self-injury and suicide.
  • Understand the complex relationship between bullying and suicide.

Presenting Partner:  SST


Dr. Scott Poland
Digital Threat Assessment for K-12 Schools

Learn how to complete your school’s threat assessment process with the powerful and practical tools of Digital Threat Assessment. This presentation teaches school safety and threat assessment teams to access publicly available online and digital information to develop more accurate and effective assessments in order to intervene, saving lives and protecting the safety of your school community.

Presenting Partner:  SST


Theresa Campbell
Closing General Session & Keynote: The Heart Behind the Badge: An SRO’s Story

Detective Dr. Beth Sanborn shares her inspiring journey as school resource officer, educator, and student advocate. She reminds us all to lead with our heart and follow our passions to build the meaningful and long-term relationships that change and save lives.

Presenting Partner:  NASRO


Detective Beth Sanborn, DPA
Warning Signs: Identifying School Shooters Before They Strike

How do we prevent the next school shooting? By knowing the warning signs. Dr. Langman’s presents practical, research-based guidance on anticipating and preventing mass attacks. Drawing on lessons learned from dozens of thwarted plots and deadly attacks, Dr Langman provides key insights, positive interventions, and real-world examples of lives saved and violence prevented.


Peter Langman
Especially Safe: An Inclusive Approach to Safety Preparedness in Educational Settings

Explore Safe and Sound Schools’ newest program to ensure the safety of school community members with access and functional needs (a.k.a special needs). Inspired by her daughter, Joey, killed in the Sandy Hook Tragedy, and developed with expert practioners from across the disciplines, Michele Gay presents the program’s Planning & Preparation and Teaching & Training Guides, along with practical tools, teaching ideas, and the T.E.A.M.S. Framework for Inclusive Safety Planning.

Presenting Partner:  Jeffco/DeAngelis Foundation


Michele Gay
A Whole Community Approach to Creating a Culture of Care

A strong and supportive culture is needed to overcome the many challenges facing our children and youth in our communities. In this session learn from a panel of leaders and community members who have built a culture of care through meaningful collaborative partnerships to overcome these challenges.

Moderated panel with Dr. CJ Huff, Former Principal, Joplin Schools, MO & Founder, Bright Futures, USA

  • Dana Keller, Executive Director, Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Shameka Christon, Bright Futures Coordinator, Benton, Arkansas
  • Mindy Hicks, District Test Coordinator & School and Community Relations Coordinator, Berryville School District

Presenting Partner:  Jeffco/DeAngelis Foundation


CJ Huff
The Lockdown Drill Debate: A Look at Current Research

Despite their widespread use, in 95% of K-12 schools nationwide, little is known about the effects of lockdown drills in schools, fueling debate in communities and confusion among decision makers. Explore the impacts of these practices on students and educators, based on the largest, most comprehensive study conducted to date. Learn leading practices for assessing drills to continually improve fidelity and minimize harm or trauma to participants, and help your community understand the role of lockdown drills as part of your school’s comprehensive emergency preparedness plans.

Presenting Partner:  Jeffco/DeAngelis Foundation


Dr. Amanda Nickerson Dr. Jaclyn Schildkraut
Leading Through Uncertainty: School Safety & Security In Challenging Times

Join this panel of school safety leaders from across the country in discussing pandemic lessons learned, tackling current and emerging challenges, anticipating obstacles ahead, and sharing resources to support a safe learning environment through this unprecedented time.

Moderated Leadership Panel with Paul Timm, PSP, Vice President, Facility Engineering Associates, Author & National Security Expert Consultant

  • Donna Michaelis, Director Virginia Center for School and Campus Safety
  • Kathy Martinez-Prather, PhD, Executive Director, Texas School Safety Center
  • Guy Bliesner, Idaho Office of School Safety and Security 
  • Alan Walters, Executive Director, Safety & Risk Management, Georgetown County School District

Presenting Partner: Johnson Controls


Paul Timm
Closing General Session & Keynote: On Any Given Day- Leadership Lessons from Columbine & Beyond

Our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but how we react to what happens; not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst…a spark that creates extraordinary results.”(anon) The tragedy at Columbine redefined the nation. Frank DeAngelis tells his story from the events through the aftermath. This presentation reveals the leadership lessons he learned in the focus of an international firestorm. Frank’s honest, straight-forward account provides invaluable insights into managing the after-crisis with students, staff members, community members and never-ending media attention. A positive attitude and a passion for his job, allowed him to work at Columbine from 1979 to 2014. He shares how he was able to build a community that worked together for his kids; the students at Columbine High School. The takeaways from this presentation should be required for every leader in the nation. He is presently serving as a consultant for safety and emergency management for the Jeffco School District in Colorado, and continues to travel nationally and internationally, speaking and consulting.

Presenting Partner:  MSBA


Frank DeAngelis
Name Description More Info
Bright Futures: Every Child, Every Day, An Introduction to the Bright Futures Framework (Clone)

Dr. CJ Huff will discuss the framework, benefits and successes of Bright Futures. The organization brings together businesses, human service agencies, faith-based organizations, and parent groups and partners them with schools in a way that helps them to quickly and efficiently meet students’ basic needs. Bright Futures operates under the belief that when communities invest their time, talent, and treasure in their schools, students are more likely to stay in school through graduation, have a higher degree of self-worth and confidence, and set and reach goals for the future. In turn, these students grow up to be better neighbors, quality employees, and impactful leaders in their communities.

CJ Huff
Innovating for Safer Schools: Emerging Tools,Technologies, and Trends

Michele Gay hosts industry experts Paul Timm, Alok Jain and Kevin Brown to discuss the lastest technologies and trends in school safety.

Moderator: Michele Gay, Co-founder/Executive Director, Safe and Sound Schools


  • Alok Jain, Founder, President & CEO, Quicklert
  • Kevin Brown, Co-Founder & CSO, Quicklert
  • Paul Timm, Vice President, Facility Engineering Associates, Author & National Security Expert Consultant

Presenting Partner:  Quicklert

Kevin Brown Alok Jain
Data-Driven Decisions for Safer Schools

For the first time, parents, schools, legislators, and law enforcement have a user-friendly tool that details the incidents of violence and drugs inside each of Florida, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and New Hampshire’s public schools. Max Schachter presents the Safe Schools for Alex School Safety Dashboard. By analyzing the incidents of physical attack, drug use, bullying, sexual assault, weapons possession, and school suspensions this valuable tool will assist stakeholders in their efforts to reduce violence, suspensions and create a positive healthy learning environment for all children.

Max Schachter
Surviving and Thriving: Ensuring Student Safety in Urban School Communities

Today’s urban school communities have long faced unique and complex challenges to ensuring student safety and well-being. With rapidly increasing incidents of violence, food insecurity, and health and mental health care needs in our urban centers, Dr. Connelly’s timely presentation brings experience and perspective as a national school safety and psychology expert.

Dr. Christina Conolly
My Son's Struggle as a Gifted Learner

How one pivotal year not only affected my son's academic career but also his mental health.

Kendra Nicholson
Guiding Schools Through Today’s Crises: The Role of School Boards in School Safety

Michele Gay hosts Melissa Randol, Executive Director of the Missouri School Boards Association, in frank conversation about the challenges and opportunities school boards face and the critical need for strong school leadership through the extraordinary challenges of today.

Presenting Partner: Navigate360

Michele Gay Melissa Randol
Social Emotional Learning: Ensuring Safety From the Inside Out

Author, advocate, and Sandy Hook mother, Scarlett Lewis shares her life’s mission, teaching parents, educators, and students the power of SEL to change and save lives. Inspired by her son, Jesse, the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement programs are nationally and internationally used to support student growth and well-being.

Scarlett Lewis
Supporting Students and School Communities With Grief and Loss

As schools across the country welcome students and staff back to school this fall, many are left searching for resources and roadmaps to support students in times of grief and loss. Having served numerous school communities in the aftermath of tragedy and loss, Dr. Melissa Brymer, Director of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, shares leading practices, current research, and real world applications for school communities facing individual and shared grief and loss experiences.

Dr. Melissa Brymer, PsyD, PhD
Threat Assessment to Assess Violent Extremism in Schools

Participants will learn how to identify potential behaviors that can lead to students engaging in various types of violent extremism. Characteristics, risk factors, and warning behaviors will be discussed, with a special emphasis on how to identify these indicators in the school and classroom setting. Management strategies will also be highlighted.

Kristen Devitt, MEd Melissa Reeves
Trauma Informed Training: Developing Policies Beyond Run, Hide, Fight

In recent months, several States have passed Bills attempting to stop school crisis training which has proven to be traumatic for staff and students. Unfortunately, few alternatives were provided to allow for schools to pick training which would still be effective, and mesh with their unique cultures. In this briefing, Aric Mutchnick discusses trauma-informed training options which focus on process and the development of meaningful crisis management policies for those with the duty to care.

Aric Mutchnick
Considering COVID: How School Nurses Step Up to Keep Schools Healthy

Join Safe and Sound’s Michele Gay in conversation with Linda Mendonça, President of the National Association of School Nurses.

Linda Mendonça
Socially Just Communities for Safer Schools

Dr. Charles Barrett defines the principles of equity and equality and explores how each relates to a culture of support and success for ALL students.

Dr. Charles Barrett
Bright Futures: Every Child, Every Day, An Introduction to the Bright Futures Framework

Dr. CJ Huff will discuss the framework, benefits and successes of Bright Futures. The organization brings together businesses, human service agencies, faith-based organizations, and parent groups and partners them with schools in a way that helps them to quickly and efficiently meet students’ basic needs. Bright Futures operates under the belief that when communities invest their time, talent, and treasure in their schools, students are more likely to stay in school through graduation, have a higher degree of self-worth and confidence, and set and reach goals for the future. In turn, these students grow up to be better neighbors, quality employees, and impactful leaders in their communities.

CJ Huff