Rethinking School Safety Together

Join us at the 2022 Dallas School Safety Summit, November 8-9,  for a conference that will be centered on national best practices, methods, and programs for comprehensive school safety. Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the current school safety and security challenges facing our schools 
  • Discover the latest resources, tools, and programs available to school communities 
  • Understand the mental and behavioral health needs of students
  • Engage and network with educators, leaders, safety and security professionals, and industry solution providers

Return to your school communities with strategies you can implement to engage school community members and partners in creating safe and healthy environments. This conference is ideal for educators, administrators, safety teams, crisis teams, first responders, mental and behavioral health professionals, elected officials such as school board members, parents, school safety advocates, and community leaders.

Topics Covered: Physical Safety and Security; Mental and Behavioral Health; Culture, Climate and Community; Leadership, Law, and Policy; Operations and Emergency Management; and Health and Wellness.

Meet Your Keynote Speakers

Jermaine Galloway

Law Enforcement Officer, Youth Substance Abuse Expert & Founder, Tall Cop Says Stop™

Frank DeAngelis

Retired Principal, Columbine High School & Advisor, Safe and Sound Schools

Michele Gay

Co-Founder/Executive Director, Safe and Sound Schools & Sandy Hook Parent

Molly Hudgens

School Counselor, Cheatham County School Board & Author

Dr. Greg Gerber

Director of Training for Safer Schools Together

Jonathan Cristall

Veteran Prosecutor, City of Los Angeles, CA & Author of "What They Don’t Teach Teens"