President/CEO, Experior Group

With over twenty years of experience in the risk management industry, Mr. Mutchnick specializes in high level security consulting, risk mitigation, and specialized security training for commercial and government entities. Mr. Mutchnick invented the Red Ball Drills ® a trauma-informed crisis
management and active shooter training program. The Red Ball Drills are the only program of its kind certified by the Dept. of Homeland Security with SAFETY Act designation. He has worked with schools, major league sports, esports, healthcare, convention centers, corporate campuses, Native American
tribes, and international clients providing a truly unique approach to training.

Mr. Mutchnick has worked operationally as part of security risk assessment and surveillance detection teams for several Fortune 500 companies. He has traveled to over 40 countries to advise and train covert foreign national security forces tasked with identifying potential terrorist threats to U.S. Embassies and Consulates. He has designed security programs, crisis management initiatives and threat and vulnerability assessments for major consulting companies and UK/US government related programs. This included development and design of project security manuals, evacuation plans, business continuity plans and security policy.

Mr. Mutchnick has worked closely with private security firms to promote accountability and ethics in the private security industry. Mr. Mutchnick currently serves on the board of advisors for a large international security, intelligence, and investigations firm as well as the board of advisors for a DC
based non-profit called the Foundation for Innovation and Discovery, which connects government and commercial innovation. Mr. Mutchnick serves on the Emergency Preparedness Committee for the Washington DC BOMA/AOBA chapter.