First Lieutenant, School Safety Division, Frederick County, Virginia, Sheriff’s Office

First Lieutenant Cornwell leads the School Safety Division for the Frederick County, Virginia, Sheriff’s Office. He is a 22-year veteran in law enforcement and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice. Since taking over the School Safety Division, First Lieutenant Cornwell has helped organize and implement programs such as Tribute Tuesday’s – Back the Blue, Shop with a Cop, and Lunch Buddies. He was instrumental in organizing a large-scale active shooter drill in 2017, multiple “active attack” tabletop exercises, and annual joint Rescue Task Force training. First Lieutenant Cornwell is a part of the Department of Criminal Justice Services School-Law Enforcement Advisory Committee and Threat Assessment Advisory Committee for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

First Lieutenant Cornwell holds other positions and certifications such as SWAT Team Leader, ALERRT instructor, Defensive Tactics instructor, Stop the Bleed instructor and Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events instructor.