Emotional Poverty in All Demographics - Part 1
Date & Time
Thursday, September 30, 2021, 9:20 AM - 11:45 AM
Ruby Payne

Recognized internationally for her work, Dr. Ruby Payne has helped students and adults of all economic backgrounds achieve academic, professional, and personal success.

Dr. Payne will present an eye-opening keynote on schools trying to address emotional issues with discipline strategies and why it might not be working. Social and emotional learning programs are critical for addressing emotional challenges, but we must also rethink our discipline procedures and policies. Her keynote address will be based on her new book Emotional Poverty in All Demographics, exploring the concepts and providing understanding, tools, and strategies that are more effective that those currently in use in most classrooms.

Every evening on the news, there are multiple stories about violence and anger erupting. Workplace and school violence are increasingly a reality. Using a brain-based approach, this session looks at the underlying causes of anger, anxiety, and violence; how they develop; and the tools that can be used to change those responses. Emotions are processed 200 to 5,000 times faster than thought. To change behavior, the motivation for the behavior must be changed. This session will provide understandings on how that can be used with family, relationships, institutions, and oneself.

The keynote:

  • Provides understandings of origins of anger, anxiety, and avoidance

  • Gives a language to talk about brain regulation, integration, and emotional competence

  • Provides tools for educators to address and reduce anger, anxiety, and avoidance

  • Helps educators manage the “classroom dance” that occurs between the educator and the students

  • Provides the tools to motivate good behavior

  • Identifies the differences in male and female emotional processing

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